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Grads2017 SenAltemoseJACS New, more sensitive sensor for evaluating drug safety Allcock 50th Anniversary Celebration Walk for United Way 2017 Showalter Group O'Brien Priestly Prize January 28th 2017 Expanding Your Horizon (EYH) STEM Career Day for Young Women was organised by Science Outreach. Students use the device in 423W and 425W to understand the electric fields (AC and DC voltages) required to trap ions (or, in this case, microparticles) - a core concept in mass spectrometry.
Using electron spin resonance spectroscopy, the groups of Lear, Silakov, and Jensen demonstrate that, for thiolate-protected gold nanoparticles, the surface chemistry of the particle can be used to adjust the energetics of the electrons within the metal core.  This result has implications for groups looking to exploit nanoparticles for their unique electronic properties. JACS article. Dynamic Exchange During Triplet Transport in Nanocrystalline TIPS-Pentacene Films
PSU Chemistry would like to welcome the FA17 incoming graduate students
Expanding Your Horizon (EYH) STEM Career Day for Young Women: Build Your Sci-dentity, The Mallouk Lab's 'A Slice of Light'- learning how to build a spectroscope from a pizza box and then using it to know the elements in stars.
Laser-illuminated 40-micron-diameter particles (lycopodium spores) trapped in a ring electrode. (Photo credit: Aigerim Galyamova and Dan Sykes)