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The Department of Chemistry provides a variety of resources and support services for individuals within our Department and the University as a whole. We strive to maintain a pleasant and modern physical environment in our new building in the central campus.

The Chemistry Building houses the department office, purchasing office, the main stockroom, electronics shop, research laboratories and the NMR facilities. Whitmore Laboratory houses our undergraduate laboratories and the glass-blowing shop.

Wartik Laboratory houses the Biotechnology Institute and some of the biochemical research laboratories.

Shared Facilities

Each research group has the extensive instrumentation required for modern research in chemistry. Some major instruments, however, are located in facilities that can be shared by all research groups in the department. These include NMR, ESR, and mass spectrometry equipment; X-ray diffraction facilities; computational facilities; biologically related instrumentation; and equipment for time-resolved laser spectroscopy. The NMR and mass spectrometry laboratories have full-time professional operators, but graduate students who frequently use them are encouraged to learn to operate the instruments themselves.

At each facility's web page, you can find a description of services provided, the Director/Supervisor, the location, the hours of operation and contact information, such as phone number and/or email address.


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