In the mid-1970's Penn State Chemistry made a strategic decision to move towards the new interdisciplinary area of biological chemistry. Our biological program continues to be a great strength with current research in the areas of Bioanalytical, Bioinorganic, Biological Structure & Function, Biomaterials, Biomedical, Bioorganic and Biophysical chemistry and Enzymology. Many of the faculty are involved in the interdisciplinary Huck Institutes of Life Sciences.

People specializing in this area

Listing of personnel in the Penn State Chemistry Department including name and research topics
Name Research Topic
Benkovic, Stephen

Chemical biology

Bevilacqua, Philip

Nucleic Acids Chemistry

Boehr, David

Protein dynamics in enzyme function and regulation

Bollinger, J.

Mechanisms of redox metalloenzymes and metallocofactor assembly

Booker, Squire

Biochemistry; enzymology; protein chemistry

Cotruvo, Joseph

Chemical biology of metal ion and redox homeostasis

Golbeck, John

Research in photosynthesis

Keating, Christine

Functional architectures at the nano- to mesoscale

Krebs, Carsten

Spectroscopic and kinetic studies on the mechanisms of iron-containing enzymes

Lee, Tae-Hee

Single molecule biophysics/biochemistry

Llinas, Manuel

Malaria parasite metabolism and biochemistry

Noid, William

Theories of statistical mechanics applied to investigate structural biology

O'Brien, Edward

Theory and computation of molecular and cellular processes

Sen, Ayusman

Autonomous motion and transport in biological systems

Showalter, Scott

Biophysical chemistry, macromolecular structure and dynamics by NMR

Silakov, Alexey
Zhang, Xin

Chemical biology of protein folding and cellular stress

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