The Organic Group at Penn State continues to pursue exciting research at the forefront of the field. Ongoing efforts to synthesize new materials, new pharmaceuticals, and architecturally intriguing natural products have spawned new asymmetric synthesis methodology and new strategies for molecule construction. The downstream use of these organic molecules in areas as diverse as materials chemistry and biological chemistry speaks to both the interdisciplinary nature of contemporary organic chemistry, and the many opportunities for collaboration that are available to organic graduate students.

People specializing in this area

Listing of personnel in the Penn State Chemistry Department including name and research topics
Name Research Topic
Allcock, Harry

Polymer synthesis, materials chemistry, and biomedicine

Chen, Gong

Synthetic methodology based on C-H functionalization; sythesis of complex peptides

Elacqua, Elizabeth

Small molecule and polymer synthesis; supramolecular catalysis; crystal engineering

Funk, Raymond

Synthesis of molecules with useful biological properties

Hickner, Michael
Maslak, Przemyslaw

Physical organic chemistry

Sen, Ayusman

Homogeneous catalysis, polymeric materials

Weinreb, Steven

Total synthesis of natural products

Zhang, Xin

Design and synthesis of small molecules to image and modulate intracellular protein aggregates

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