Research in Physical Chemistry / Chemical Physics at Penn State encompasses a broad range areas including fundamental aspects of gas-phase clusters and nanocomposites, liquids, surfaces, and solid-state materials. This research utilizes advanced instrumentation such as ultra-high vacuum methods, solid-state NMR and ultra-fast spectroscopies, and scanning probe microscopies. Strong ties link most of this research to theoretical and computational research, as well as with other interest areas such as materials and nanotechnology programs.

People specializing in this area

Listing of personnel in the Penn State Chemistry Department including name and research topics
Name Research Topic
Asbury, John

Ultrafast spectroscopy of materials

Badding, John

Reaction thermodynamics and kinetics, raman spectroscopy, spectroscopy of solid state materials, light scattering

Benkovic, Stephen

Chemical biology

Bevilacqua, Philip

Nucleic Acids Chemistry

Boehr, David

Protein dynamics by high field NMR

Cremer, Paul

-Biophysics of proteins and peptides

-Hofmeister series and osmolyte studies

-Drug/membrane interactions

-Metal ion/membrane interactions

-Chemical biology

Freedman, Miriam

Spectroscopy and surface science of atmospheric aerosol particles

Garrison, Barbara

Computer modeling of fast energy deposition processes at surfaces

Jensen, Lasse

Linear and nonlinear optical properties, vibrational spectroscopy, vibronic effects

Keating, Christine
Knappenberger, Kenneth
Lee, Tae-Hee

Single molecule fluorescence and force spectroscopy/microscopy

Mallouk, Thomas

Chemical applications of solid state materials

Maroncelli, Mark

Chemical dynamics in solution

Maslak, Przemyslaw

Physical organic chemistry

Milosavljevic, Bratoljub

Chemical kinetics

Noid, William

Theories of statistical mechanics applied to investigate structural biology

O'Brien, Edward

Theory and computation of molecular and cellular processes

Showalter, Scott

NMR spectroscopy and methods development, simulation of biological systems.

Silakov, Alexey
Winograd, Nicholas

Imaging of biomaterials and mass spectrometry

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