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The Chemistry Department prides itself in close student/professor relationships and the availability of individualized instruction. This helps account for the excellent achievement and placement records of our graduates. Each faculty member is actively involved in classroom and laboratory instruction, and many conduct scholarly research activities. Fields of specialization include biochemistry, organic, analytical, inorganic, physical and environmental chemistry as well as science education.

Listing of personnel in the Penn State Chemistry Department including name, title and contact information
Portrait Name, Title and Web Site Contact Information Research Interests
Harry R. Allcock Harry R. Allcock
Evan Pugh University Professor of Chemistry
Also affiliated with Departments of Chemical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering
118 Chemistry Building
(814) 865-3527

Igor Aronson Igor Aronson
Huck Chair Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Chemistry and Mathematics
218 Hallowell Building
(814) 867-6260

John B. Asbury John B. Asbury
Associate Professor of Chemistry
112 Chemistry Building
(814) 863-6309

John V. Badding John V. Badding
Professor of Chemistry, Physics and Materials Science and Engineering
Associate Head for Equity and Diversity
Director of Graduate Recruiting
120 Chemistry Building
(814) 777-3054

Stephen J. Benkovic Stephen J. Benkovic
Evan Pugh University Professor and Eberly Chair in Chemistry
414 Wartik Laboratory
(814) 865-2882

Philip C. Bevilacqua Philip C. Bevilacqua
Professor of Chemistry
Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
242 Chemistry Building
(814) 863-3812

Amie K. Boal Amie K. Boal
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Assistant Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
326 Chemistry Building
(814) 867-2863

David D. Boehr David D. Boehr
Associate Professor of Chemistry
107 Chemistry Building
(814) 863-8605

Mary Jo Bojan Mary Jo Bojan
Senior Lecturer
Coordinator of General Chemistry
220E Whitmore Laboratory
(814) 865-2895

J. Martin Bollinger, Jr. J. Martin Bollinger Jr.
Professor of Chemistry
Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
336 Chemistry Building
(814) 883-1464

Squire J. Booker Squire J. Booker
Howard Hughes Medical Investigator
Professor of Chemistry
Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Howard Hughes Medical Investigator
302 Chemistry Building
(814) 865-8793

Jackie Bortiatynski Jackie Bortiatynski
Senior Lecturer
Director of the Center for Excellence in Science Education
123 Ritenour
(814) 865-2772

Joseph Cotruvo Joseph Cotruvo
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Louis Martarano Career Development Professor
220 Chemistry Building
(814) 863-4869

Paul S. Cremer Paul S. Cremer
J. Lloyd Huck Chair in Natural Sciences
212 South Frear Building
(814) 865-6259

Vincent H. Crespi Vincent H. Crespi
Professor of Physics
Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
Distinguished Professor
Professor of Chemistry
326 Davey Lab
(814) 863-0163

Sheryl A. Dykstra Sheryl A. Dykstra
Director of Undergraduate Instrumentation Laboratories and Chem 213
211 Whitmore Laboratory
(814) 867-2658

Elizabeth A. Elacqua Elizabeth A. Elacqua
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
535 Chemistry Building
(814) 865-1221

Roman Engel-Herbert Roman Engel-Herbert
Assistant Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
232N Millennium Science Complex
(814) 867-4325

Kenneth S. Feldman Kenneth S. Feldman
Professor of Chemistry
Graduate Program Chair
426 Chemistry Building
(814) 863-4654

Miriam A. Freedman Miriam A. Freedman
Associate Professor of Chemistry
205 Chemistry Building
(814) 867-4267

Raymond L. Funk Raymond L. Funk
Professor of Chemistry
431 Chemistry Building
(814) 865-2057

R. Aaron Garner R. Aaron Garner
220A Whitmore Laboratory
(814) 863-5853

Barbara J. Garrison Barbara J. Garrison
Shapiro Professor of Chemistry
201C Chemistry Building
(814) 863-2103

John H. Golbeck John H. Golbeck
Professor of Biochemistry and Biophysics
Professor of Chemistry
328 South Frear Laboratory
(814) 865-1163

Michael Hickner Michael Hickner
Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, Chemical Engineering
Corning Faculty Fellow
Associate Professor of Chemistry
405 Steidle Building
(814) 867-1847

Joseph Houck Joseph Houck
220B Whitmore Laboratory
(814) 865-0106

Lasse Jensen Lasse Jensen
Professor of Chemistry
401F Chemistry Building
(814) 867-1787

Linlin Jensen Linlin Jensen
220C Whitmore Laboratory
(814) 867-2227

Christine D. Keating Christine D. Keating
Professor of Chemistry
512 Chemistry Building
(814) 863-7832

Joe T. Keiser Joe T. Keiser
Senior Lecturer and Director of the General Chemistry Labs
Assistant Head for Undergraduate Education
213 Whitmore Laboratory
(814) 863-3209

Kenneth L. Knappenberger, Jr. Kenneth L. Knappenberger Jr.
Professor of Chemistry
315 Chemistry Building
(814) 865-1228

Gerald Knizia Gerald Knizia
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
401A Chemistry Building
(814) 867-6198

Carsten D. Krebs Carsten D. Krebs
Professor of Chemistry
Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
332 Chemistry Building
(814) 865-6089

Ben J. Lear Ben J. Lear
Associate Professor of Chemistry
126 Davey Lab

(814) 867-4625

Tae-Hee Lee Tae-Hee Lee
Associate Professor of Chemistry and the Huck Institute of the Life Sciences
230 Chemistry Building
(814) 867-2232

Manuel Llinas Manuel Llinas
Associate Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Associate Professor of Chemistry
W126 Millennium Science Complex
(814) 867-3444

Tapas K Mal Tapas K Mal
NMR Director
8 Chemistry Building
(814) 865-0941

Thomas E. Mallouk Thomas E. Mallouk
Head of the Chemistry Department
Evan Pugh University Professor of Chemistry, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Physics, and Engineering Science and Mechanics
205 South Frear Building
(814) 863-9637

Mark Maroncelli Mark Maroncelli
Distinguished Professor of Chemistry
Associate Head for Undergraduate Education
408 Chemistry Building
(814) 865-0898

Przemyslaw (Pshemak) Maslak Przemyslaw (Pshemak) Maslak
Associate Professor of Chemistry
228 Chemistry Building
(814) 865-2991

Katherine M. Masters Katherine M. Masters
Senior Lecturer
Director, Chem 213H and 431W Laboratories
214 Whitmore Laboratory
(814) 863-3319

Bratoljub H. Milosavljevic Bratoljub H. Milosavljevic
Senior Lecturer in Chemistry
Director of Physical Chemistry Laboratory Instruction
331C Whitmore Lab
(814) 865-7481

William G. Noid William G. Noid
Associate Professor of Chemistry
528 Chemistry Building
(814) 867-2387

Edward P. O'Brien Edward P. O'Brien
Assistant Professor of Chemistry and of the Institute for CyberScience
402 Chemistry Building
(814) 867-5100

Carlos N. Pacheco Carlos N. Pacheco
NMR Spectroscopist
14 Chemistry Building
(814) 863-1182

Rob M. Rioux, Jr. Rob M. Rioux, Jr.
Friedrich G. Helfferich Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering
Professor of Chemistry
165 Fenske Lab
(814) 867-2503

Raymond E. Schaak Raymond E. Schaak
DuPont Professor of Materials Chemistry
523 Chemistry Building
(814) 865-8600

Kyle M. Schmid Kyle M. Schmid
212 Whitmore Laboratory
(814) 865-5690

Ayusman Sen Ayusman Sen
Distinguished Professor of Chemistry
440 Chemistry Building
(814) 863-2460

Mary C. Shoemaker Mary C. Shoemaker
225 Whitmore Laboratory
(814) 867-2293

Scott A. Showalter Scott A. Showalter
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Associate Professor of Biochemistry and
Molecular Biology
106 Chemistry Building
(814) 865-2318

Alexey Silakov Alexey Silakov
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
330 Chemistry Building
(814) 863-7248

Dan G. Sykes Dan G. Sykes
Senior Lecturer
Director of Analytical Laboratory Instruction
330 Whitmore Laboratory
(814) 863-0796

Mauricio Terrones Mauricio Terrones
Professor of Physics
Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
Distinguished Professor, Research Center for Exotic Nanocarbons, Shinshu University, Japan
Professor of Chemistry
205A Osmond Lab
(814) 865-0343

Lori Stepan Van Der Sluys Lori Stepan Van Der Sluys
Eberly College of Science Outreach Fellow
220D Whitmore Laboratory
and 226C Ritenour

(814) 867-2292

Steven M. Weinreb Steven M. Weinreb
Russell and Mildred Marker Professor of Natural Products Chemistry
537 Chemistry Building
(814) 863-0189

Mary Beth Williams Mary Beth Williams
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education, Eberly College of Science
Professor of Chemistry
428 Thomas Building
Eberly College of Science
University Park, PA 16802
Email: mew17@psu.edu
Phone: (814) 863-0284

506 Chemistry Building

(814) 865-8859

Nicholas Winograd Nicholas Winograd
Evan Pugh University Professor of Chemistry
209 Chemistry Building
(814) 863-0001

Lauren Zarzar Lauren Zarzar
Assistant Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
427 Steidle Building
(814) 865-1316

Xin Zhang Xin Zhang
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Assistant Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Paul Berg Early Career Professorship in the Eberly College of Science
224 Chemistry Building
(814) 863-3732

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