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Current Graduate Student Awards 2017-18

Graduate students are invited to apply for Department research awards which are to recognize research accomplishments, publications and talks. The awards are recommended to be used to assist students with travel for scientific/educational purposes.

The following awards are available this year:

  • Graduate Research Awards, ranging from $1,000 - $4,000 each, to acknowledge important research accomplishments in any field
Award announcements will be made by the end of the summer and all research award winners will have the award monies deposited into their student Bursar account in the beginning of the Fall 2018 semester.

How to apply:

  1. Inform your advisor that you are applying for the Chemistry Continuing Graduate Student Award
  2. Submit the following items (one pdf file) via email to Megan Kuhlman ( by Friday, September 14, 2018 at noon:
    1. Chemistry Continuing Graduate Student Award Application Page
    2. Statement of Research Accomplishments – one page maximum, 12 point font, single spaced, one additional page for figures and references
    3. Complete CV
      1. Publications- include published and in-press only (Note: if you are using in-press publications you must attach the letter of acceptance from the journal)
      2. Posters/oral presentations (PSU work only)
    4. Once your application materials are received the Graduate Office will contact your preceptor to submit the Preceptor Recommendation Form

Travel Awards

Travel Award applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.  All students should apply 60 days prior to their dates of travel.

Individual Chemistry Travel Awards are intended to assist Chemistry Graduate students in attending scientific meetings in which they present results of their research work.  Applications for more extended travel, for example to participate in research at another institution, will also be considered.  Students considering this latter type of award are advised to discuss the possibilities with the award committee chair prior to submitting an application.  Requests for support of extended travel should include a letter of recommendation from the student's preceptor.


Eligibility & Selection Criteria:

Any full-time graduate student in the Chemistry Department is eligible to apply for a Travel Award.  No student may receive more than one travel award per year (January 2018 - December 2018). Requests must be made individually and students should apply for Travel Awards in consultation with their research advisors.  Sharing of accommodations within groups is encouraged for larger meetings (such as ACS National Meetings).

Award Deposits

  • Money will be deposited into the student’s bursar account at the end of the month prior to travel.

(i.e. travel in May, money deposited at the end of April)

  • Chemistry students must be registered for the semester (Fall or Spring) the award will be deposited
  • Money for travel during the summer will be deposited in August.

PLEASE NOTE: Students can access funds by transferring the money via eRefund in LionPATH.

International Students: It is the student’s liability to pay any taxes if their country does not participate in a 
treaty with the US.


  1. Complete the Travel Award Request Form
  2. Attach the applicable documents
  3. Return the paperwork to your research assistant
  4. A memo will be distributed via email to the student, research assistant and advisor announcing your award