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Fall 2017 / Spring 2018

Instructor: Scott Showalter
Phone: 865-2318
Office: 106 Chemistry Building


Coordinator: Megan Kuhlman
Phone: 865-1383
Office: 104 Chemistry Building

CHEM 500

All graduate students are required to enroll for 1 credit of CHEM 500, Seminar in Chemistry,
during each semester of their first and second years in residency. Successfully completing
Chem 500 meets the University's English language proficiency requirements.
Chem 500 contains four components: (1) scholarship and research integrity training (SARI), (2) a written
seminar report as a writing qualifier during Orientation, (3) a first-year meeting (= Candidacy
exam report and presentation), and (4) an oral presentation (= 2nd year seminar) accompanied by
a written report.
A grade of 3.0 (B) or better is required for each component of CHEM 500.

Grading Summary:
  • Fall semester (1st yr) – You will receive a letter grade based upon (a) seminar attendance and (b) completion of the SARI online CITI training course.
  • Spring semester (1st yr) – You will receive a letter grade based upon (a) seminar attendance, (b) completion of 5 hours of SARI training, and (c) your writing qualifying exam.
  • Fall semester (2nd yr) – You will receive a letter grade based upon the 1st year committee report.
  • Spring semester (2nd year) – You will receive a letter grade based upon your 2nd year seminar (written report and oral presentation), whether you gave your seminar in the Fall or the Spring.
If you receive less than a "B" grade, you will be required to redo the seminar until the minimum
has been met (max 2 times).
Outside Seminar Attendance Instructions:
We encourage our students to sit in on seminars in other departments.  In order to log the attendance for CHEM 500 you must email Megan Kuhlman ( PRIOR to the seminar.  Include the following information:
1. Date/Time of seminar
2. Department
3. Speaker Name
Within one business day after the seminar, you will need to turn in a one page summary of the seminar you attended.  This may be emailed to Megan Kuhlman (


Students having started the program earlier should refer to previous guidelines.

The University Faculty Senate Policies for Students