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Poster printing is available for Chemistry Department use. Please follow the recommendations and instructions listed below in order for the poster to be properly printed.

The poster printer is located in Room 306 in the Chemistry Building. This printer is for use by the Chemistry Department only. This printer is self service and all printing will be billed at $.35 per linear inch.  Poster printing is only a service for members of the Department of Chemistry.


Engineering Copy Center also offers an economical and professional poster printing service:

Chemistry Poster Printer Step-1

Poster Printer Policies:

The hours of operation for room 306:

  • 8AM to 4:45PM Monday – Friday. The door will be locked at 5PM, M-F and remain locked all weekend long.
  • The IT group will not have keys to this room.
  • Users need to plan accordingly and start their work well in advance.
  • Do not wait until the day a poster is due to print.
  • This resource is first come first serve.
  • There will be no last minute exceptions for support, so you must plan ahead.
  • There will be no weekend support or after hours support unless you get it from your Research Group Graduate Contact determined by each group.

Usage, maintenance and support of the Printer:

  • Poster printing is available for department use only.

  • Shari Miller who is located in 101 Chemistry Building is the contact for changing and ordering paper and ink. Please do not attempt this yourselves. She can be reached at: 865-2149.

  • If the paper and ink need ordering, it is your responsibility to notify Shari Miller that you used the last of the supplies in the room. Do not wait until the last minute to place the order for supplies. Others may be counting on your respect of shared use.
  • The Chemistry IT Group will not offer graphics, layout or design support. Please use the suggest design guidelines in the directions of this website.

Account Privileges and Information:

  • Each Research Group has one Poster Printer account for usage and billing purposes.
  • Each account has “print only” capabilities.
  • Each Research Group account will incur a rate tracked and calculated by usage of that assigned account including the amount of materials used. Usage will be billed by the facilities office.
  • The IT Contact of each group and/or the faculty member is responsible for the distribution policies with in their group, usage, and the integrity of the account/password.
  • Users are responsible for payment and monitoring of all jobs sent to the plotter, regardless of success, or mistakes. Use of the Printer is first-come, first-serve. Be responsible and monitor your work so that others can share this resource. The IT group is not responsible for any posters left in the room, damaged, tossed aside or stolen.

Chemistry Poster Printer Step-2

Installing the driver

  1. Right now we are only supporting connecting to the printer using windows 2000 or XP operating systems.
  2. Click Start, then Run and Type in:
  3. A box will pop up titled
    Type in the User Name box chemistry\<posteraccount> replace <posteraccount> with your special poster printing account name (This was given to your faculty member)
    Type in the password box your special poster printing password (This was given to your faculty member) and click OK.
    You should also check the box remember my password, or you will have to delete and reinstall the printer every time you log off your PC.
  4. Next a box will pop up titled Right click on poster and choose connect.
  5. If a box pops up about installing the print driver say yes.
  6. The poster printer is now installed and enabled for use, just as any other printer is installed on your system.

Chemistry Poster Printer Step-3

Create Poster

Be advised that the Chemistry Department IT is unable to assist with the design of your poster. We are to assist with the printing of your poster, selecting the proper paper size and such.

The recommended size for you poster is 36" high by 48" wide, landscape format. The paper on the poster printer is 36 " wide, put the maximum printable dimension around 35 ". The height can vary, but you will be charged by the inch.

The IT Group is not able to support every photo application that is out there. Currently we are only able to assist people with setting up PowerPoint. We have had some success with other programs for printing, but you are on your own for support. If demand calls we might be able to add more supported programs in the future.

Below are some tips from the Undergraduate Studies office:

  1. Font size should be 24 to 28 point.
  2. Pictures of people or apparatus can be taken with a digital camera; files are jpg's.
  3. Structures can be drawn in ChemDraw or Isisdraw and copy/pasted into PowerPoint.  They can be stretched to an appropriate size and seem to come out fine.
  4. The PowerPoint Insert menu selection lets you insert pictures (jpg's, tif's and gif"s) from files and objects (Excel spreadsheets or workbooks, charts, etc.) and these can be resized too.
  5. Before you print your poster, print an 8.5 x 11" proof copy on a laser printer or color inkjet printer.  Change General to PowerPoint if necessary and check "Scale to fit paper" and landscape.
  6. While your poster may look good on your computer screen, that does not mean the poster will look good once printed 300% larger. Small graphics from files like .gif and .jpeg generally do not scale well.  If you copy a picture from a web page to put on a poster, there's a good chance it's going to look "chunky" when you scale it up.
  7. Watch your image resolution! In a nutshell, if you have photos/images in your poster, they can take up large chunks of space. A good rule of thumb is: "Scan in high, print low(er)".  If you have a photo/image you want to put in your poster, a good recommendation is to:
    • Scan the image at something around 300 DPI.
    • Scale your image up to "life size" for the poster (e.g. your image starts out as 3" x 5" but you want to use a small portion of that image and you want that small portion to be 6" x 10" in size. Scale and crop the image so that the smaller section is 8" x 10")
    • Reduce the image resolution to 72 DPI.
  8. As long as you don't scale the image any more after doing this, it will print perfectly well.  The 300dpi image is going to try and lay down more ink in the same area as a 72dpi image.  Sometimes this can actually "muddy" the image, or make it overly dark.  It will also save you a lot of file space, and print faster because there's less of the image for the plotter to parse.  From 6 to 10 feet away, no one is going to notice the difference, either!
  9. Try to stick to the “standard fonts”:  Others may look cool, but may not be in the poster printer’s retinue and will get substituted with something that will make your letter spacing be uneven.

Chemistry Poster Printer Step-4

Print Poster

To print, you simply print your document as you would any other document; just make sure that the Poster printer is selected from the drop down menu.

Be sure to adjust the size of the paper by choosing the printer properties and the the Paper/Quality tab. At the bottom of the tab you will see and advanced button. From there either choose a paper size, or choose custom to create your custom poster size.

You can check the status of the poster printer below

After this, proceed to room 306 and step 5-- Pick up your poster. Be advised that poster printing can be a slow process and posters are printed in the order they are received by the server. Be aware of the office hours and make sure that you are able to access room 306.

Chemistry Poster Printer Step-5

Pick up your poster

After you have printed your poster proceed to room 306 to receive your poster. The poster printer is located in the back of the room against the window. If the printer runs out of paper or ink, please contact Shari Miller .

We cannot be responsible for user error in your poster (i.e.  if you selected the wrong color or font, your images are fuzzy, etc.) Please be sure to run a test print prior to using the poster printer.

Enjoy your poster and let us know what we can do to enhance our poster printing experience.