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Please be aware that the following settings only apply if you are using a Chemistry ECoS e-mail account.  If you are using ITS's e-mail ( or then these settings do not apply.  ECoS only provides email accounts for Faculty and Staff.  Postdocs and Grads will use PSU email.

The recommended settings for accessing Chemistry ECoS Email Account e-mail are as follows:

  • Return address:
  • Mail server (incoming):
    • Login name: userid (your psu userid)
    • Default port: 993
    • Secure Connection for checking select SSL
  • SMTP server (outgoing):
    • Username and password required (authentication required) to send mail.  (uses PSU account userid and password)
    • Default Port: 465
    • Secure Connection for Sending: SSL

The more generalized settings for other mail programs are as follows:

Note: ECoS mail server supports IMAP4, and SMTP access only.

USING Eudora: (note Eudora is missing the authentication mechanisms necessary and it will not work with the ECoS mail server.  It is not supported by this mail server, the University, Qualcomm, ECoS, or Chemistry.)