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Windows Installation Instructions & Installer files for Chemistry VPN:

Installation Instructions:

Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 only.

The department does not support VPN clients for operating systems no longer Vendor supported or End-of-Lifed by manufacturers/vendors.

Title Screen


 Start installer and select "Next."

License Agreement


 Choose "I accept the terms of the License Agreement" to continue.



Choose the default installation folder and select "Next."



Select "Install" to begin the installation.



Select "Finish" to complete the installation.



Enter the host info in the "SSL-VPN Server" box:  vpn.chem.psu.edu:4433.

Enter your PSU ID in the "User Name" box.

Enter your PSU password in the "Password" box.

Enter "chemistry" in the Domain Name  box exactly as displayed in the image above. (do not enter quotes)

Select "Connect" to start your VPN connection.


If you have any problems with the chemistry connection profile you created please call the Chemistry Helpdesk at 863-2123.