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Department of Chemistry Web Hosting


Eberly College of Science Strategic Plan 2008-2013, pg 24.


All departmental websites will be centrally migrated into the college or department's Plone Content Management Systems.  If you wish to hire a designer and host your own design, you can lease a Virtual Host at ITS:  see http://vmhost.psu.edu.  However, if you choose this option, University policy stipulates that you must designate a Penn State faculty or staff member as the systems administrator and cannot tie your site to the names science.psu.edu or chem.psu.edu.  The Chemistry IT group will not host, administer or design any sites that do not use the department's Plone Content Management System.


We do not engage in graphic design or alterations.  If you plan to host content on our departmental web servers you must use our content management system. 

Consultation required before hosting is provided:

You must consult the IT group first if you have plans to have Chemistry host any web pages.   The Department runs a Content Management System as to aid in University and ECOS policy compliance, as well as to make content management easier for staff and faculty.  We are required to follow University Policies and guidelines for all content.

Web Policies:




Hosting off-site:





Consulting with us first will save time and funding on having to correct common oversights in University required style management and design compliance. 


Personal Websites

All personal websites hosted on University resources including resources using the University's infrastructure must meet University Policies and guidelines.