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Lasse Jensen Wins ACS 2017 Early-Career Award 14 February 2017
Stephen Aro Awarded ASSL Student Outstanding Oral Prize 09 November 2016
Sheryl Dykstra Receives C.I. Noll Award for Excellence in Teaching 28 October 2016
2015-2016 Chemistry Graduate Student Teaching Awards 21 October 2016
Professor Bevilacqua's classroom methods featured on 14 October 2016
Phil Stemple wins the George Gilbert Pond Award for Excellence in Support of Undergraduate Education 11 October 2016
Whitmore Lab’s New Multi-Purpose Room (MPR) in Action 06 October 2016
2016 Chemistry Department Newsletter 04 October 2016
Bevilacqua among researchers awarded New Initiatives grant from Charles E. Kaufman Foundation 27 September 2016
From the Department Head 20 September 2016
New Faculty Spotlights 20 September 2016
Freedman Group Makes Outreach Activities a Priority 20 September 2016
Interview with a Chemistry Graduate Student: Erica Frankel 20 September 2016
Two Chemistry Faculty Members Receive 2016 Faculty Scholar Medals 20 September 2016
50 Years at Penn State: Steve and Pat Benkovic and Harry and Noreen Allcock 20 September 2016
Whitmore Laboratory Undergoes Major Renovation 20 September 2016
Peter Craig Breen Memorial Award Given for First Time 20 September 2016
Collaboration Leads to Great Achievement: Amie Boal and Squire Booker 20 September 2016
From the Ground Up: Founding the Chemistry Graduate Student Association 20 September 2016
Whitmore Renovation Photos 14 September 2016
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