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The Department of Chemistry at Penn State is one of the premier chemistry departments in the nation. The faculty members are recognized as leaders in their fields and have received numerous awards. With an excellent record of generating external support for research and a commitment to cutting-edge interdisciplinary work, the Department has become a leader in many of the most significant areas of chemistry R&D: materials chemistry, life sciences and nanoscience. In addition to nationally acclaimed strengths in faculty research and graduate education, the Chemistry Department at Penn State also has a first-rate program in undergraduate education.

With a dedicated staff and state-of-the-art research support facilities, Penn State Chemistry is an excellent place to work, study or pursue your love of research. Please explore our web site to learn more about the numerous opportunities available to you. If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


The Department of Chemistry at Penn State seeks to be recognized as one of the ten best chemistry programs in the United States with acknowledged excellence in research, instruction, and outreach.

Mission and Goals

The mission of the Department of Chemistry is to create and maintain programs of excellence in the areas of research, education and public outreach. Our goals are (1) continue to attract, develop and retain world-renowned faculty, (2) maintain state of the art research and teaching facilities, (3) recruit outstanding graduate students, (4) provide innovative, dedicated classroom instruction at both the graduate and undergraduate levels, and (5) communicate the excitement of chemistry to the public at large. To help us accomplish these goals we remain dedicated to a core set of values: excellence in teaching and research, respect for all members of the Department and University, diversity in our students, faculty and staff, and service to the citizens of the world.