2016-2017 Donors

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The Department of Chemistry wishes to extend its sincere gratitude to the following individuals and companies for supporting our programs during the past year.

Corporate Donors

Burroughs Wellcome Fund

Chevron Corporation

Dow Corning Corp.


ExxonMobil Corporation

ExxonMobil Foundation

Howard Hughes Medical Inst.

Lubrizol Foundation

Materials Research Society

Mechanicsburg Pres Church

Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical

PPG Industries Fdn.

Research Corporation

Individual Donors

Mrs. Harriette Leong Atkins

Dr. and Ms. Thomas Bailey           

Dr. and Mrs. William C. Baird, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Rouvain M. Bension

Dr. and Mrs. Wilbur E. Billups

Dr. Ta-Kung Chen

Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Deller

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. DiStefano

Mrs. Jo Dixon

Drs. Brian G and Karen Marcavage Dixon

Dr. and Mrs. John W. Eastman

Dr. Julius Farkas

Dr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Feairheller

Dr. and Mrs. David A. Flosser

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Fox

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Gordon

Dr. Stuart E. Greene and Ms. Rachel Eisenberg

Dr. and Ms. Alexander Hamling

Dr. Seth B. Harkins

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Hellman

Dr. Terrence E. Hogan

Dr. and Mrs. Norman T. Holcombe

Dr. and Mrs. Neil D. Jespersen

Dr. Charles and Mrs. Virginia Jones

Dr. Krishna I. Kamath

Dr. and Mrs. Mark P. Kaminsky

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Keiser

Dr. and Mrs. A. Paul Krapcho

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Krugh

Mr. Victor C. Ku

Dr. and Mrs. Barry K. Lavine

Dr. and Mrs. Verne E. Leininger

Michael L. Levin, Ph.D

Dr. Zachary J. Donhauser and Dr. Penelope A. Lewis

Dr. and Mrs. Dean F. Martin

Mrs. Nancy S. McCurdy

Mr. David A. McElroy

Dr. and Mrs. William D. McHale

Dr. Lauren A. Messer

Dr. and Mrs. Robert D. Minard

Mrs. Dorothy A. Neidig

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Nicholson

Dr. and Mrs. Frederick G. Oberender

Dr. Roy A. Olofson

Human Frontier Sci. Prog. Org.

Ms. Maureen G. Passey

Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Ross

Ms. Ellyn L. Schuette

Dr. Kathleen E. Simmons

Dr. and Mrs. Charles E. Strouse

Dr. Carolyn and Mr. Paul Weinreb

Dr. and Mrs. Steven M. Weinreb

Dr. Howard P. Withers, Jr.

Mr. John B. Zimmerman