Carlos N. Pacheco

Carlos N. Pacheco

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  • Assistant Research Professor
  • NMR Spectroscopist
14 Chemistry Building
University Park, PA 16802
(814) 863-1182

Mailing Address:
104 Chemistry Building


As NMR Spectroscopist at the Department of Chemistry of Penn State University, my functions encompass among others:

1. Assist scientists with interests in chemistry, biology, and materials science with NMR applications.
2. Maintain ten 7- to 20-T NMR spectrometers, overseeing their daily operation: eight Bruker liquid-state instruments (3 of them with LHe cryoprobe, 1 with Prodigy cryoprobe); Two solid-state instruments: one Bruker Avance-II 300-MHz, one Bruker Avance-III-HD 500-MHz instrument.
3. Assist NMR users.
4. Occasionally perform NMR service(s) for outside Companies.
5. Assist preparation of manuscripts for publication.
6. Presented to scientists/researchers aspects of NMR techniques and data processing useful for their research.