Research Instrumentation Facility

A staff of engineers and technicians who are dedicated to the proposition that engineers still know how to get their hands dirty and love to solve problems.

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The mission of the Research Instrumentation Facility is to provide support for both research and educational programs. We provide cost-effective and high quality services for design and fabrication of custom instrumentation and the maintenance and repair of equipment which is used throughout theĀ  Penn State community.

Examples of custom design projects:

High voltage high speed switching
High frequency low noise amplifiers
Simple Spectrophotometer
Karl Fischer Titrator
Cyclic Voltammeter
Conductivity Meter
Optical communications

Examples of equipment repair:

UV/VIS spectrophotometers
FTIR spectrometers
NMR spectrometers
PCR machines
Bench top and floor model centrifuges (Sorvall, Eppendorf, etc.)
CO2 incubators, ovens, furnaces and environmental chambers
Shakers, water baths, stirrers and hot plates
Test equipment oscilloscopes, low and high voltage power supplies
Computer peripherals printers, monitors

****Job Requests now go through the iLab System (click here).


Bob Crable

121 Chemistry Building
(814) 865-0254

Jim Miller

121 Chemistry Building
(814) 865-2041