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Listing of personnel in the Penn State Chemistry Department including name and research topics
Name Research Topic
Asbury, John
Boehr, David

Biomolecular NMR spectroscopy

Freedman, Miriam

Cavity ring-down spectroscopy for optical properties & hygroscopicity of aerosol particles

Golbeck, John


Structure/Function Studies of Photosynthetic Reaction Centers
Electrically-Conductive Bacterial Nanowires in Shewenella oneidensis
Biohybrid Nanoconstructs for Solar Biohydrogen Production



Krebs, Carsten

Spectroscopic characterization of metalloenzymes

Lee, Tae-Hee

Single molecule spectroscopy and microscopy of biological macromolecular complexes and enzymes

Maroncelli, Mark

Ultrafast fluorescence spectroscopy and NMR relaxation measurements used to probe solute/solvent dynamics in liquids.

Silakov, Alexey

- Pulse and continuous wave EPR spectroscopy.
- Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy
- IR spectroelectrochemistry