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Current Student Profile: Santina Cruz 18 March 2019
Dr. Megan Matthews (‘11) Finds a Culture of Collaboration at Penn State 18 March 2019
Department of Chemistry Hosts MilliporeSigma Lectureship 08 March 2019
Professor Ayusman Sen Selected as the 2019 Recipient of the Langmuir Lecture Award 08 March 2019
O'Brien Group Finds Features that Shape Mechanical Force During Protein Synthesis 07 March 2019
Professor Lauren Zarzar Receives ACS PRF Award 07 March 2019
Chem 112: Offering a Personalized Learning Experience 04 March 2019
Zarzar Group Reveals an Unrecognized Mechanism for Generating Structural Iridescent Color 28 February 2019
Department of Chemistry Announces Four New Assistant Heads for Undergraduate Education 25 February 2019
Boal Group Teams up with Harvard to Study How Bacteria Produces a Compound Used to Treat Cancer 25 February 2019
Student Project Makes Chemistry Learning More Accessible 21 February 2019
Eric Nacsa Joins Faculty of Department of Chemistry 14 February 2019
Chem 110: Challenging The Lecture Hall Experience 08 February 2019
Maria Gregor Finds Research Opportunities at University Park 08 February 2019
Current Student Feature: Ashley Saunders 08 February 2019
Olivia Kuzio (‘17) Discovers the Art in Chemistry 07 February 2019
Bevilacqua Group and Keating Group Explore Early Earth Chemistry 31 January 2019
Ayusman Sen Develops New Method to Control Fluid Flow and Organize Particles 25 January 2019
Department Members Recognized for Commitment to Diversity 18 January 2019
Ramesh Giri Joins Faculty of Department of Chemistry 14 January 2019
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