Exciting Opportunity for Chemistry Students Interested in Grad School

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The University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Chemistry is hosting a graduate program early preview weekend on Sept 12-15, 2019, called CHOPs (CHemistry OPportunities), to showcase the exciting research, great facilities, and collaborative atmosphere of the Department of Chemistry, as well as the vibrant city of Madison. CHOPs is an all-expense paid trip that gives potential applicants an opportunity to visit Madison and the Department before applying to graduate school.


CHOPs weekend activities include the following:

·      “Life in Graduate School” presentation by current graduate students

·      Faculty research presentations 

·      Facility tours

·      Individual meetings with faculty

·      Poster session with current graduate students

·      Presentation about applying to graduate schools

·      Tour of Madison

·      Interaction with current graduate students

·      Interaction with CHOPs program alumni

Please forward this information on to any students who would benefit from the CHOPs program. Preference for this program will be given to students from underrepresented backgrounds, from low-income homes, who are first-generation college students, and who will start the chemistry PhD program in fall 2020. Learn more about the program atchops.chem.wisc.edu.

Please contact me with any questions or concerns at chops@chem.wisc.edu