Miriam A. Freedman to Join Chemistry Faculty

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Miriam A. Freedman to Join Chemistry Faculty

Miriam A. Freedman

17 March 2010

The Department of Chemistry at Penn State is pleased to announce that Miriam A. Freedman will join the department as an assistant professor of chemistry.  Freedman’s research is focused on the chemical and physical processes of atmospheric aerosol particles.  The interactions between aerosol particles, clouds, and radiation are the largest uncertainties in modeling climate.  To constrain these uncertainties, Freedman will investigate the role of particle structure in determining aerosol properties.  Her research will use atmospheric and surface science techniques to correlate phenomena observed on a molecular-scale with single-particle and ensemble measurements.

Freedman, currently a postdoctoral fellow at CIRES, University of Colorado, obtained her Ph.D. from the University of Chicago.