Commonwealth Campus Transfer Students Receive Peter Gold Award

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06 May 2019

Students who transfer to the University Park campus from Commonwealth Campuses are an important part of the chemistry community. The Peter Gold Award was created to recognize the important contributions these students make to the department. and celebrate their academic success. Established in the memory of the late Dr. L. Peter Gold—a beloved long-time member of the chemistry faculty—the award is presented to transfer students with records of outstanding academic success who have also demonstrated outstanding service to the Department of Chemistry.

This year, three chemistry students will receive the award: Jieru Zhu, Shea Stewart, and Cameron Long.

Junior chemistry major Jieru Zhu began her chemistry journey at Penn State Harrisburg. Although Zhu enjoyed her time in Harrisburg, she notes that she never questioned her choice to  transfer to University Park. “There are greater competitions, more opportunities, as well as more advanced and interesting chemistry courses here at UP,” she explains, “the research opportunities have definitely been the best part of my time here so far.” Zhu is now a member of the Allcock group; her research focuses on polyphosphazene. Zhu notes that her time in the lab “gave me a real taste of the joys and frustrations associated with my future career, and I really enjoyed it.” Of winning the Peter Gold award, Zhu says “I was really surprised when I received the Peter Gold Award. I did not expect this at all and felt so honored.”


Jieru Zhu

Shea Stewart is a graduating senior, who began his Penn State experience at the York campus. He transfered to University Park to finish his degree. “The fantastic faculty and resources of the chemistry department at University Park have provided me with a very strong education,” Stewart explains, “I feel well prepared for my next steps.” During his time at University Park, Stewart conducted research with the Schaak group, focusing on synthesizing bulk and nano materials for use as catalysts to facilitate selective organic transformations. He was nominated for the Peter Gold award in recognition of his hard work in the lab and in the classroom. “Winning this award came as a surprise to me,” Stewart notes, “I feel very honored.” After graduation, he plans to pursue a Ph.D. in chemistry at Temple University.


Shea Stewart

Graduating senior Cameron Long began his education at Penn State York. Although his transition to University Park was initially difficult, Long says he “enjoyed experiencing both the small college and large college life.” During his time at University Park, Long conducted research in the Sen group, focusing on shape-directed self-assembly of active matter. “I was very surprised when I was told I was receiving the Peter Gold Award,” he adds, “I am so happy that I received it.” After graduation, Long plans to pursue a career in industry.


Cameron Long

Please join the Department of Chemistry in congratulating these students on this exciting honor and celebrating the contributions transfer students bring to University Park.


Maria Landschoot

Communications Coordinator

Department of Chemistry

Penn State University

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