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All faculty members with a minimum of two years of full time teaching experience in the Department of Chemistry are eligible to be nominated for this award. The award recipient alternates between two groups of chemistry faculty at University Park. The first group includes tenured and tenure-track faculty, the second group includes the non-tenure track faculty. A faculty member may receive the award more than once, but not more often then once every seven years. Only one person may receive each annual award.

Nominations for the award are accepted at any time. To submit a nomination please fill out the web nomination form.

Faculty members eligible for 2019 award are listed below.  Faculty not on this list will likely be eligible for the award next year and you may nominate them now if you wish. Your nomination will be saved and used at the appropriate time.

Mary Jo Bojan
Sheryl Dykstra
R. Aaron Garner
Joseph Houck
Linlin Jensen
Joseph Keiser
Kate Masters
Kyle Schmid
Mary Shoemaker

The winner is selected by a committee consisting of two undergraduate students, two tenure-track faculty members and two non-tenure track faculty members, all from the Department of Chemistry at University Park. The committee solicits nominations from faculty and students of all undergraduate courses offered in the Department in the Spring and Fall semesters of each calendar year.  After review of the nominations and other teaching evaluations, the committee chooses the winner in a blind vote. The winner for a given calendar year is announced late in the Spring of the following year.  The history of the award and the list of previous winners are available on a separate page.