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Ombudsmen act as trusted and confidential intermediary between individuals and various departmental constituencies or administration. When approached, they will attempt to investigate, mediate, and resolve conflicts and inter-personnel issues that may arise in a course of job-related interactions among students, staff and faculty in order to improve working climate in the department.

The current ombudsmen are:

Ombusdmen with the Penn State Department of Chemistry
Contact Person Phone Number Email Address
Hilary Dellapenta 865-1383
Lasse Jensen
Kenneth Knappenberger 865-1228
Pshemak Maslak
Kate Masters 863-8674


The ombudsmen may be contacted individually or as a team. All information shared with ombudsmen remains strictly confidential.  If sharing of such information with others is required for resolution of the conflict or issue, it will be done only with the explicit permission of the person asking for help or advice.  No records are generated or kept.

Additional information and advice can be found at the College or University level: