Undergraduate Program

The staff members in this office handle all the activities that support our undergraduate program. You can find the staff in 219 Whitmore

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Both Chemistry majors and non-majors can go to 219 Whitmore Laboratory for help with problems related to any our our undergraduate courses. This is the place to go for help with add/drop, examinations, advising, course information, scheduling, classrooms, and grades.

Located next to the administrative office is a resource room where students can go for free tutoring, group study sessions and to look through chemistry reference materials. The resource room is open from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.


Joe T. Keiser

Assistant Head of Undergraduate Education in Chemistry

213 Whitmore Laboratory
Email: jtk1@psu.edu
(814) 863-3209

Mark Maroncelli

Associate Head for Undergraduate Education in Chemistry

408 Chemistry Building
Email: maroncelli@psu.edu
(814) 865-0898


Stacy Englert

Undergrad Program Manager

219 Whitmore Lab
Email: sle30@psu.edu
(814) 863-8234

Mike Joyce

219 Whitmore Lab
Email: mjj12@psu.edu
(814) 863-3261

Jen Knecht

219 Whitmore Lab
Email: jlk67@psu.edu
(814) 867-6195

Lacy Miller

219 Whitmore Lab

Email: ljs216@psu.edu
(814) 865-9391