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There are a handful of wired network ports in the Chemistry Building that are provided free of charge by ITS/Teaching Learning Labs/Classroom group on a non-permanent basis.  We have been told that if they need to reclaim the ports for the use of classrooms, they will. 

  • These are 100MB wired ports for everyone to use. 
  • Ports are to be shared and open to all PSU Chemistry members. 
  • Permanently occupying any of these ports is not allowed and we will discontinue the port service if this becomes a problem.  
  • We do not support problems on these ports as Mobility Ports are not a network or service we manage.
  • These ports are At-Will use ports and are to be shared.  Please be thoughtful about allowing everyone to benefit from their use.  It is recommended that no more than one hour sessions be allowed per person in any one sitting.  This allows for others to benefit if needed.
  • You are strictly prohibited from authenticated and walking away from a session leaving open access to your host.
  • You are strictly prohibited by Guru Policy from authenticating and allowing any non-PSU employee, visitor or family access using your account and the PSU network.  
  • This service is considered free trial use.  Please ensure the benefit is not abused.
  • You must VPN in from the University Mobility network to the Chemistry network if you wish to access your Chemistry network resources. 

Instructions for Mobile Computing Users

Note: Only users who have an active Access Account are eligible to use this service.

Hardware required for using this service:

  • PCMCIA ethernet card
  • PCMCIA ethernet RJ45 connector
  • 10/100 BaseT Cable

Using a mobile PC Setup (Do this once):

  1. Configure your Computer to use an Ethernet interface (follow instructions provided by the vendor of your Ethernet interface adapter)
  2. Configure your IP stack to use DHCP
  3. Configure the following DNS servers: and
  4. Make a bookmark in your Web browser for the port login secure Web page:

Directions (Do these every time you connect)

  1. Connect your computer to a mobile Ethernet port (you may have to provide the 10baseT Ethernet cable, so bring the one from your Ethernet interface vendor with you)
  2. Start the computer (or cause DHCP to request a configuration)
  3. Start your Web browser, and select the port login bookmark (see step 4 in above section)
  4. Log in following the instructions on the Web page
  5. Use the network for your tasks
  6. Log out from the logout Web page (a link is on the bookmarked page)
  7. Disconnect from the Ethernet port

Experiencing Troubles?  If your computer gives you an error message about assigning an address, and you have been able to make it work in the past, call (814) 865-4NOC [5-4662].  More information:

Port Locations in the Chemistry Building:

GRR and Meeting Room Ports Assigned for Mobility:

Port Locations in the Chemistry Building
Room Port
1 A3264
114 A0494
222 A0903
226 A0891
232 A0875
321 A1551
324 A1541
410 A2549
424 A2127
428 A2118
501 A3075
521 A2705
529 A2741