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03 May 2017

The Department of Chemistry would like to recognize our Spring 2017 graduates from the chemistry undergrad program. Best of luck to our students as they embark on exciting careers in industry or continue their educational pursuits in graduate school. Below are the names of our grads and some of their future plans:

Yaqeen Al Hussain
Lauren Alden (Physician Assistant program at Arcadia University)
Ananya Anmangandla
Edward Badding (Graduate school at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Sarah Bevilacqua (Graduate school at the California Institute of Technology)
Brittany Boucher
Jaeyoon Choi
Rachael Cohn (Graduate school at Cornell University)
Tanya Daher (The Dow Chemical Company)
Martin Debraine
Stephen Finnell
Benjamin Fowler
Aigerim Galyamova
Jared Gangloff
Angela Gettemy
Lixing He
Kelly Herald
Alyxandra Kulp
Olivia Kuzio (Graduate school at the Rochester Institute of Technology)
Julie Lester
Sung Lim
Emily Luteran (Graduate school at University of Maryland)
Ailiena Maggiolo (Graduate school at the California Institute of Technology)
Carleigh McGurk (Graduate school at Penn State for Masters of Education)
Shea Meyer (Graduate school at Syracuse University)
Kun Miao (Graduate school at the California Institute of Technology)
Shea Myers
Jonathan Neiman
Matthew Orndorf
Joseph Puthenpurayil (Graduate school at Texas A&M)
Rachel Putnik (Graduate school at Penn State in the Dept of Curriculum and Instruction in the College of Education)
Keith Schival (Graduate school at University of Notre Dame)
Matthew Schweitzer (Naval Nuclear Power School)
Dan Seith
Taylor Soucy (Graduate school for Materials Science at University of Michigan)
Steven Spirk
Trang Vu (Graduate school at University of Cincinnati)
Kirt Walters
Tianwei Wang
Taylor Wertz
Adam Weyandt (Pace Analytical Services)
Danielle Woitas