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Chemistry undergraduate courses offered at Penn State University Park campus for Spring semester 2016.

This is a list of chemistry courses taught at University Park for the Spring 2016 semester.

Not all courses are offered every semester. For a detailed description of a specific course please review our Course Description page.

The Penn State Office of the University Registrar provides a schedule of courses, times and locations offered during Fall, Spring, and Summer Semesters at University Park.

NOTICE: All 000-400 level CHEM course numbers have changed as of Summer 2007. List of the old and new course numbers.


Chemistry courses for the Spring of 2015
Course Course Title
Chem 101 Introductory Chemistry Mary Shoemaker
Chem 108
Problem Solving in Chemistry
Mary Jo Bojan
Chem 110 Chemical Principles I Mary J. Bojan
Edward O'Brien
Kyle Schmid
Chem 111 Experimental Chemistry I Joe Keiser
Chem 112 Chemical Principles II Lori Stepan Van Der Sluys
Linlin Jensen
Sheryl Dykstra
Chem 112H
Chemical Principles II - Honors
David Boehr
Chem 113 Experimental Chemistry II Joe Keiser
Mary Shoemaker
Chem 202 Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry I
Katherine Masters
Chem 203 Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry II
Jackie Bortiatynski
Chem 210 Organic Chemistry I Przemyslaw (Pshemak) Maslak
Chem 212 Organic Chemistry II
Raymond L. Funk
Chem 212H
Organic Chemistry II - Honors
Kenneth S. Feldman
Chem 213 Laboratory in Organic Chemistry Sheryl Dykstra
Chem 213B Laboratory in Organic Chemistry - Bioscience Sheryl Dykstra
Chem 213H Laboratory in Organic Chemistry - Honors
Katherine Masters
Chem 227
Analytical Chemistry
Dan Sykes
Tinglu Yang

Chem 233

Chemistry and Literature
Dan Sykes
Chem 294
Special Problems and Research

CHEM 310
Introductory Inorganic Chemistry
Ayusman Sen
Chem 400 Chemical Literature
Nancy Butkovich
Chem 402
Chemistry in the Environment
Karl Mueller
Chem 408
Computational Chemistry
Gerald Knizia
Chem 423W Chemical Spectroscopy
Dan Sykes
Chem 427W
Forensic Chemistry
Dan Sykes
Chem 430 Structural Analysis of Organic Compounds
Katherine Masters
Chem 450 Physical Chemistry - Thermodynamics
Miriam Freedman
Chem 452 Physical Chemistry - Quantum Chemistry Lasse Jensen
Chem 457 Experimental Physical Chemistry Lab
Bratoljub H. Milosavljevic
Chem 459W
Advanced Physical Chemistry Lab
Bratoljub H. Milosavljevic
Chem 464
Chemical Kinetics and Dynamics
Tae-Hee Lee
Chem 466 Molecular Thermodynamics William Noid
Chem 494
Chemical Research

Chem 496
Independent Studies

Chem 497
Special Topics in Chemistry

Chem 500 Seminar in Chemistry Kenneth S. Feldman
Chem 511 Chemical Nanoscience
Christine Dolan Keating
CHEM 517
Organometallic Chemistry
Alex Radosevich
CHEM 518
Symmetry and Spectroscopy in Inorganic Chemistry
Ben Lear
Chem 519
Materials Chemistry
Harry Allcock
Chem 543
Polymer Chemistry
T.C. (Mike) Chung
Chem 566
Quantum Chemistry II Lasse Jensen
Chem 572
Nucleic Acids Chemistry
Philip C. Bevilacqua
Chem 573
NMR Spectroscopy for Synthetic and Biological Chemistry
Scott Showalter
Chem 597
Special Topics in Chemistry

The University Faculty Senate Policies for Students regarding Academic Integrity apply to all courses offered by the Department of Chemistry.